C'est Moi

Welcome to Kitty Kat Photography.

I am the 'Kitty' of Kitty Kat Photography, but some know me as Lynn. I manage to answer to both names without being in the least bit schizoid: I am an ordinary woman living a very ordinary life, along with two fantastic kids, a quirky cat, a car called Elsie, a couple of computers ... and my beloved cameras.

Many moons ago, I had a blog called 'Kitty's Bloggy Bits' and my love of photography developed along with the photos I took of the various crafty things I made. I miss The Bloggy Bits, but for various reasons I am having a break from it. I didn't want to be without a blog at all, so here I am with a photography blog instead.

I was less than 10 years old when I had my first camera, and have always taken photos of various aspects of my life; a life of many ups and downs. To find a way to live contentedly within limitations has been a major theme, and my passion for photography has allowed me the luxury of being creative, even within the ever-existent, sometimes difficult parameters.  I love the challenge of getting a shot so much, that I now never go anywhere without a camera.
My children have had to get used to the embarrassment of their mother wanting to stop whatever we're doing to take a couple of shots.  If I try to point the lens in their direction(s), however, they will more often than not run and/or hide.  The cat tends to mostly follow their lead too: They're all such spoilsports. I belong to a local Camera Club and enjoy the meeting once a week with like-minded souls.  I have learned a lot from the speakers, judges and fellow members there.

This website is largely a pictorial reflection of my life, and I hope anyone viewing enjoys seeing my images half as much as I enjoy taking and making them.  I will take pictures of almost anything and everything, and would like to develop my portrait and street photography, as well as the ability to take a good landscape. You will see many images of nature here - I have an unending fascination with, and admiration for the variety, colour and intricacies of nature.  The way changes in weather conditions, light and the passing of the seasons, affect various plants, views and animals is always exciting if one has a camera in hand.