24 March 2016

Misty Sunrise at Lechlade

A couple of weekends ago, I let myself be persuaded to get up at [very] stupid o'clock 
to go in search of misty sunrise pictures.

After much debate, we decided Lechlade might be a good place, 
so we could factor The Thames into any misty landscapes.

I am not someone who has previously enjoyed landscape photography, but since getting my 
wide angle lens after last Christmas, it's growing on me.

We managed a good couple of hours there before the mist turned into thick fog, and we 
couldn't see more than 6 feet in front of ourselves, let alone across the river.

Thanks for talking me into it, Lou and Tracey, and thanks for driving, T. xx


  1. What on earth! I was looking back at the beginning of my blog and found a comment by you on my first post, then went to your site and found your blog and I had somehow lost it and I've now added it back to Oddball's blog roll and I'm very, very, very sorry but so glad to have you back. Whew!

    1. Hey Mr Cat! No worries at all. I call in on you regularly, but aren't much of a commenter these days. Keep doing what you're doing. Take care :)

  2. Oh, and by the way, absolutely spectacular photographs.



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