28 November 2014

I was AWOL. Again.

Well, after being much better about keeping this blog up to date, I went very quiet and absent again, didn't I? Mind you, I'm not sure anyone much visits, so not sure I was missed.

Anyway, to those who noticed: Sorry. I managed to develop a nasty bout of pleurisy in late June/early July, and was confined to bed for over a week. During that time, my coughing was so violent that I managed to break a rib, leaving me in considerable pain on top of the pleurisy.  The first round of antibiotics didn't clear the infection in my right lung, so after a month or so, I had another course of a more broad-spectrum drug. After that, I started feeling a bit better, although the rib has taken months to feel easier.

It did interfere with my photography, because it interfered with my life, but I have managed to keep up with my 52 in 2014 project at Flickr. At roughly a shot a week, it was about all I could manage!

So here are some of those I have uploaded to the Flickr group over the past few months.

This beautiful rose was one in a bouquet sent by my friend Lisa when I was really poorly. I used it as my entry for No.19 - A Treat.

A macro of a fly that hung around too long in the conservatory. I used this shot for topic No.45 - Shadow(s). 

This is Posie. She belongs to some members of the family we don't often see; so when they paid a visit in the summer, I attempted a nice shot of her for category No.18 - Canine.

In late May and early June, there was a beautiful field of poppies in a field around nine miles away. I decided to use this shot for challenge No.15 - Something beginning with 'P'.

This shot was taken at a Camera Club practical evening, and I used it for topic No.15 - Halloween. We pumped smoke from a smoke machine into the pumpkin, and then put the top of the pumpkin on - the smoke poured from the mouth.