11 July 2014

Misty March Morning

Oh dear ... I didn't realise I hadn't uploaded these pictures. I was looking in the folder where I put stuff to put on this blog, and there they were.

One morning in March, I woke to find we were enshrouded in the thickest mist I have ever seen in this part of the country. After getting the kids to school, I headed up to The Ridgeway to see what I could see. It turned out I couldn't see very much at all. But once I went into the woods, it was wonderful. 

These are a few of the images from that day.

As you can see, vision was severely hampered

Mist droplets on some spring daffodils

Looking towards the woods

I just loved the way the mist in between the trees, made the wood take on an eerie, magical feel.

1 July 2014

Art in Ardington

During May, there is a local 'Art Weeks' event. Various artists, crafters and other talented folk, open their doors and display their work for appreciate members of the public to see, and sometimes purchase.  

This year, there was a large installation of sculptures and statues dotted throughout the local village of Ardington. The weather wasn't great, but I did manage to get over there to see and photograph some of the works of Art. These are just a taster of what was there.



I really enjoyed the exhibition, which was set up so you walked a 'trail' around the village. I hope they do it again some time.