31 May 2014

Catching Up ...

Crikey, where does the time go? It has been a stressful time here Chez Kitty, 
and I seem to have put posting here to one side. 
Let me remedy that now, with a few more shots added to my 52 in 2014 project at Flickr:

Some cherry blossom, which I used for my entry for the category of 'Spring'.

A hollow white chocolate 'Hello Kitty' which I received for Easter from my brother. 
My entry for the category 'Chocolate'.

A local town councillor, attempting to amuse onlookers during an event in town.
I used this as my entry for 'Street Photography'.

Herb Robert in bud in our garden, just after a rain shower.
I used this for my entry for 'Weed'. 

My latest knitted rabbit (pattern from Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits); 
a gift for a friends new baby granddaughter.
My entry for the category 'Handmade' in 52 in 2014.

A beautiful daisy - shot taken at the local park.
My entry for the category of 'Daisy'.

And finally, for now, a golden or bronze eagle in a local church.
My entry for the category of 'Gold(en)'.