28 March 2014

My Latest Makes

I'm still doing my crafty stuff as and when I get the chance. The bottom line is that I'm not 'me' unless I'm making something. It doesn't have to be a stuffed toy like these, almost any kind of creative activity fulfils that part of me that needs to be 'heard'!

I've finished another couple of sock monkeys.
This first one was for my brother who is an Audi enthusiast.
The monkey has been named 'Archie'.

This next one has been named 'Leigh' and was made to particular specificiations for the daughter of one of my oldest friends. She then gave it to her boyfriend for his birthday earlier this month.

And finally ... a Little Cotton Rabbit. I have wanted to knit one of Julie's rabbits for a long, long time, and have finally achieved that ambition. I'm not 100% happy with his face, but he'll do. I hope the next one (and there is another on the needles as I type!) will be better. My daughter has adopted this rabbit and named him Poppadom. I don't know why she's called him Poppadom, she just did! 

20 March 2014

Light Painting

The Camera Club to which I belong has practical evenings now and again. Sometimes we go out to a specific location, sometimes we practice still life, or another genre of photography. 
This week, we experimented with light painting. 

Club members brought in laser lights, torches, glow sticks, sparklers, and anything else which would produce light we could capture in a darkened room (or outside) through long exposures. The most dramatic displays came via lit wire wool in the 'balloon' end of a whisk, swung around quickly on a dog lead!


These are just a few of my images from that evening.

17 March 2014

Sunny Sunday

After the incessant rain of this last winter, it has been wonderful to have a couple of sunny weekends. These shots were all taken on the afternoon of 9th March, which was a beautifully warm sunny Sunday.

My daughter needed to go out and get some photos of water for her latest Art project, so we headed over to Ardington (again) for a wander. I didn't take many shots as the outing was really for her, but these are a few that I did take that day.

7 March 2014

Wintry Bits

Despite there being a definite hint of spring in the air today in our part of the UK, it has been decidedly wintry lately. I have taken a couple more shots for my '52 in 2014' project at Flickr.

This one is of a rather bleak looking scene at a local park, and is my entry for No.2 - Winter.

And this one is for No.34 - Berry or Berries. The very last of the berries in the back garden before spring hopefully sets the shrub sprouting new growth again.