25 February 2014

Pink Anemones

I almost had a little squeal of delight when I saw Anemones in the shops a couple of weeks' ago. They are one of my favourite flowers to photograph, and the perfect excuse to reacquaint myself with my macro lens.

Be warned though - I'm back in my comfort zone. Loads more flower macros to come, I'm sure.

19 February 2014

Hand-Knitted Socks

My new year's resolution at the start of 2014 was to attempt to make a hand-knitted pair of socks. 

I've enjoyed knitting for many years, but the thought of using four needles at once and making heels and toes always terrified me. However, I decided it was time to bite the bullet. So I bought some sock yarn, some double pointed needles, and a book for beginners of sock knitting; and slowly but surely some socks appeared. 

For yarn geeks, I used Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett Ombre Stripe in colourway 'Moss Garden'.

The only trouble is, they are too big for me, so I'm going to have to have another go at some point. They will be perfect for bed socks or for putting over another pair on the coldest of days. 

(Many thanks to my daughter for modelling them for me here.)

14 February 2014

Winter Sun in Ardington

These are a few more shots taken in the village of Ardington last week, when we had an afternoon of sunshine and blue sky amidst the dreadful  floods and gales of this winter. 
We've had more storms since then, so I suspect the water level is higher now.

Ardington is such a pretty village; it's one of my favourite local places to wander.

11 February 2014

Puddle Reflections

Last Friday there was a break in the bad weather with some sunshine and blue skies. I grabbed the camera and headed out to Ardington - a local village - for a walk around. The rain here in South Oxfordshire has been pretty bad this year, and I found a good part of the village subject to large puddles. In some cases, road-sized puddles. A large number of properties had small lakes in their gardens. I see from the weather forecast that we are due more storms this week, especially on Friday, when the worst one yet is due to 'hit'. 

I'm very thankful that our house is nowhere near local waterways.

The shot above is my entry for No.3 - Rain, in my 52 in 2014 project at Flickr.

Above is one of the puddles in context; below is a village road.

7 February 2014

365 Days ...

Last year I didn't have my cameras available to me at the start of the year (they were in storage, along with my lenses) but I wanted to try to achieve something (photographically speaking).  
What I did have available to me was my phone - and that has a 5 mexapixel camera. So I decided that I'd use the Instagram app, and attempt to upload a single image each day of the year on my phone. I knew the quality of most of those images would  be sh...ocking, but I wanted to try to tell the story of our year for a pictorial diary. I had every intention of turning the images into books for us to look back on in years to come.

And that's what I achieved - a single image every day of 2013. I turned them into two books instead of one (Jan-June and July-Dec), and each page contains just the image for that day. I'm really pleased with the quality of these books (which are each 7" square) - I made them with Blurb's 'Instagram Book' via Bookify. If I ever repeat the exercise (and I do intend to attempt another, better quality 365 at some point) I will use Booksmart rather than Bookify as it gives so many more options regarding layout, fonts, etc.

This image is my entry for No.1 - Achievement, in my 52 in 2014 project at Flickr.