29 January 2014

Melting on Leaves

There was a very thick frost on all the leaves on a cold morning last week. But as the sun rose higher in the sky, the frost began to melt, resulting in melted droplets forming on the ends of almost all the leaves on this shrub.  The effect was very pretty.

My entry for No.7 - Green, in my 52 in 2014 project at Flickr.

24 January 2014

Winter Sun

Our Camera Club is having a 'Winter Scavenger Hunt' in which we are all given ten specific subjects to find between December and February. I had done about half of them, but needed a nice crisp winter day for a couple of others. When I woke on Tuesday to find thick frost on the ground, but bright sunshine too, I decided it was a good opportunity to get a couple more of the shots I needed.

After dropping the kids at school/college, I set off for The Ridgeway. I wasn't there for too long as my camera battery ran out (they drain so much more quickly in cold weather, don't they?), but I did manage to get the shots I wanted before that happened.

I decided this shot could also be used for No.26 - Sun Flare in my 52 in 2013 project at Flickr.

18 January 2014

Tea Break

Another shot taken for my 52 in 2014 project at Flickr: No.23 - Spots or Dots. 

This is one of my favourite mugs, here containing ginger tea. Accompanying it, I had a couple of buttered slices of richly fruited bread. Yum!

Textures are by Kim Klassen - many thanks.

15 January 2014

A Heart-y Breakfast

Almost every day I have a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Almost always that cereal is Rice Krispies - because it's my favourite.  I was sitting eating a bowl of RKs the other day, and glanced down at the bowl as I scooped up another spoonful. I spotted this one RK which didn't look like the others. It was perfectly heart-shaped.

So I lifted it out of the bowl and together with some of its friends I took a picture to remember it. A small thing which really brightened my day.

(And since No.36 in my 52 in 2014 project is 'Heart', I used this image for that challenge).

8 January 2014

The Scent of Cinnamon

My second upload for the 52 in 2014 group at Flickr is of a huge cinnamon candle in a glass jar. The category is No.4 - Glass. Every year I buy one of these just before Christmas, and burn it over the festive season. This year's is still going strong - around two thirds burned down.

Luckily, I received two more cinnamon candles as gifts for Christmas; so the wonderful smell will be with me for the rest of the month.

PS: I'm sorry that I haven't commented in response to the comments of others. At the moment, Blogger is saying I cannot comment. Although it will let me write and publish a post, it disputes 'ownership' of the blog when I want to comment! :-/

3 January 2014

A New Start


I've been gone far longer than I had either anticipated or hoped. My children and I have been through a difficult time, and whilst we still bear the scars, we are slowly, gently attempting to get back to 'normal'. For me personally, 'normal' means being creative, so I am picking up my camera(s) again, and hoping to post here now and again.

Thank you to those who left messages and emailed me whilst I was away. It's very much appreciated. x

To ease me back into my photography, I have joined a new group at Flickr. It's called '52 in 2014' and asks that group members find 52 themed images over the course of a year. Two shots a week maximum; one shot a week in general, will, I think, suit me fine.

Anyway, my first image for that group fulfils No.14 - Represent a song in your image. The song is, of course, Ace of Spades by Motorhead.