22 August 2012


One of the categories in my 112 in 2012 project at Flickr is 'Headwear', so I've been looking out for shots of people in hats.

This guy was performing on stage at the Jubilee celebrations in June.

This is the Deputy Head of my son's school, rallying her team at their Sport's Evening, 

 ... and this is one of the parents of the one of the lads in my son's football team.

21 August 2012

Tom Monkey

The latest monkey to be born Chez Nous.  Made as a gift for my daughter's friend.

His new owner has named him Tom.

20 August 2012


Shot taken in my mum's garden a few weeks ago. Now the plant is in full bloom, and covered with bright yellow daisy-type flowers.

18 August 2012


Hello folks,

I haven't been around for a month, as I have been going through a small but perfectly formed crisis in confidence in my photography. It suddenly felt like a bit of a waste of time as I found myself disliking almost everything I shot. I didn't feel happy uploading stuff that seemed so very underwhelming, so I took a step back for a while.

These shots of lavender were taken in a garden in the very pretty village of Westcot in Oxfordshire. Three beautiful gardens were open to raise funds for the Air Ambulance. They were all very pretty, and horticulturally inspiring. 

It's a shame you can't all smell it through your screen(s) - it gave off the most wonderful scent.