17 July 2012

Wild Poppies

At the weekend I met up with one of my Flickr contacts - Mr Woolyboy (he has some amazing landscapes on his photo stream) to show him some Oxfordshire countryside from The Ridgeway.  Whilst he, very professionally, used two cameras and a tripod, I wandered around, knelt on the ground, tramped amongst stinging nettles and leaned over barbed wire fences taking shots here, there and everywhere.  It was really interesting to see how a landscape photographer 'works', and gave me some insight into why my landscapes aren't too impressive!

I would love to find and photograph a 'real' poppy field. No luck so far, but I liked the way these few poppies had managed to seed themselves and grow amongst the ripening wheat (or is it corn?) on the farmland adjacent to where we were.  One of my 'leaning over a barbed wire fence' shots!

16 July 2012

Plant Life

I still have a lot of shots to upload from my day out at The Botanic Gardens in Oxford.

So from time to time I will post a few.

We were lucky with the weather the day we went, in this horrendously wet and grey summer in the UK.

15 July 2012



 I have never liked oranges, even as a child. I can tolerate the smell of them, but the taste of them in whatever form - juice, fruit, sweets, anything ... is really horrible. It makes me feel sick. :( 


 I like lemons, limes, grapefruit - it's just oranges which I don't like. Even photographing this wasn't very pleasant!


 These shots were taken for my entry for No.94 - Something You Don't Like, in my 112 in 2012 project at Flickr.

11 July 2012

Ball Skills

A recent competition at Camera Club had the theme of 'Movement'. This was one of my entries (we were allowed up to three entries each).  It didn't come anywhere, but I enjoyed making it.

10 July 2012

9 July 2012


This lad and his team won the cup at a football tournament I was photographing recently.  I thought the expression on his face summed up just how pleased and proud he was to have won.

My entry for No.71 - Emotion, in my 112 in 2012 project at Flickr.

6 July 2012

Pale Tulip

If you are familiar with my photography, you will know that I love to photograph tulips. 

It's been a while since I posted a tulip shot, so I needed to remedy that.

5 July 2012

Ball Games

Danbo looked a bit puzzled ...

We weren't sure whether he'd ever seen a ball before.

3 July 2012


It's been a bumper year for buttercups - they must enjoy rain!  

Another very wet, miserable so-called 'Summer's Day' today here in the UK.

1 July 2012

Shooting The Shooter

There were lots of people out and about with their cameras over the Jubilee weekend, so it was a great opportunity to get my 'Shoot The Shooter' shot for my 112 in 2012 project at Flickr (No.81).

Thank you to those who left a kind and caring comment on my last upload - it is very much appreciated. x