31 May 2012

30 May 2012


My friend's golden retriever dog has had a litter of 10 puppies:

They are three weeks' old in these pictures. Their eyes had opened just a couple of days before I went.  They are either moving a LOT, or fast asleep ... so I got some shots of sleepy puppies.

28 May 2012

Lunching Robin

This robin was out collecting food. Since he/she didn't eat it him/herself, I wondered if it was going back to the nest to feed young ones.

26 May 2012

Pretty Time

I was given this watch some time ago. Whilst it's very pretty, it looks odd on my wrist because my wrists are the most silly, thin wrists ever.  When I bought my last watch strap and the jeweller measured my wrist to know how many links to take out, he actually laughed. Meh.

Shots taken as part of a project I'm doing at Flickr called '112 Pictures in 2012'.  No.100 = Time.

22 May 2012

Purple Patch

The weather here in the UK has finally improved, so it's a day in the garden for me ... maybe Danbo will help?

This shot of Wisteria flowers was taken at The Botanic Gardens in Oxford:

20 May 2012


This shrub at our local park was quite literally covered in these little buds just waiting to burst into flower.

18 May 2012


Last week I went to the Botanic Gardens in Oxford - there are a few of these very pretty gateways around a  formal piece of garden.

17 May 2012

Bow in the Park

I'm not quite sure what this was about, but at our local park, I found this shrub had a few of these pink ribbon bows tied to it. It made me wonder what might be the story behind it?

16 May 2012


A friend bought me this beautiful pearl and crystal necklace for my recent birthday. It's gorgeous.

15 May 2012

12 May 2012


A friend and I stopped by this small lake one day for a picnic lunch. The reflections were really lovely.

7 May 2012

Bus Shelter

Bus Shelter

Yes, I know ... it's not very nice really, is it? This is taken from inside a bus shelter, looking skywards. Even though it's not a 'nice' shot, somehow I like the composition and effect as an abstract image. 

It also sums up my opinion of the Bank Holiday weather here in our part of the UK - pooh!

3 May 2012

Bluebells in the Woods

Bluebells in the Woods

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I went to Badbury Clump to see if the bluebells were out. They were, and even though the weather wasn't great, we got a few decent shots. The scent was so lovely - something I hadn't anticipated.

2 May 2012



This is Minty - a beautiful and enthusiastic dog. She is also a bit bonkers, but so are most of us, right?

1 May 2012

Lights with Tassels

Lights with Tassels

Just some lights in a restaurant in Oxford - taken through their window when I walked by. I like the shadowy lines from some blinds, and the reflection of the building(s) outside.